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lhtlc under ceiling
Powerful, more efficient, quieter

The Under Ceiling model is an ideal unit for commercial and other big open space, high ceiling applications. Fujitsu Inverter technology and the highly efficient DC components provide low cost operation with improved energy efficiency.
These models also incorporate Quiet Mode that delivers super quiet operation, despite powerful airflow. Other features include air filter maintenance indicator and optional condensate drain pump.
  • Fujitsu Commercial Systems
  • Long distance airflow
    High performance fans deliver long distance airflow of up to 12-18 metres, ensuring comfort to every corner of a large room.

    Fresh-air intake
    Takes in fresh air passively and mixes with conditioned/tempered air of the indoor unit.

    Installation Options
    Three options to install the indoor unit to overcome ceiling or wall limitations.

    Condensate Pump - UTR-DPB24T (Optional)
    The condensate water pump offers a more flexible installation by lifting the drain and discharge point 300mm.*

    Double Auto Swing Control over air direction swing is possible through dual use of both up/down and right/left air direction swing.

    Quiet Operation Quiet mode provides a super quiet environment.

    10˚C heat operation This function on the remote control will prevent the room temperature from falling below 10°C, so the room will never be too cold when you are away.

    Optional Controllers
    Standard Controller

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