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Heat Recovery operation allows for simultaneous cooling and heating operation. Fujitsu’s new VR-II system provides optimum automatic control by having the ability to change from cooling to heating operation.

High efficiency operating system using high efficiency compressor.
The inverter compressor control is highly precise allowing for speed control as low as 0.1Hz steps.

Easy design & installation
The new VR-II systems can be easily designed and installed due to the flexible piping and RB unit options available.

Simple operation large LCD touch panel controller.
New optional wired controller with top class large LCD touch panel display in the industry.

Easy maintenance & trouble shooting
Any errors that occur can be easily diagnosed by checking the operational status of the product via the remote controller
Indoor units

  • Fujitsu Commercial Systems
  • Design Flexibility
    Overall piping length 1,000m

    Efficiency in actual operation
    Top class high COP is realised for all combinations by our unique heat exchanger structure, high efficient DC twin compressor, and other our own technologies.

    Flexible piping connection
    A more flexible refrigerant piping work is possible by the use of various piping and RB Unit connections, for adjustments to the floor layout and building structure.

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