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The e3 Classic series uses the new super-efficient thermodynamic system using R32 refrigerant to heat or cool your home. This system can deliver more heat for your dollar than previous systems. The brilliant e3 series brings new and intelligent features to add comfort, economy and health to your home lifestyle.


3.2kW of Heating


3.7kW of Heating


6.0kW of Heating


7.2kW of Heating


8.0kW of Heating



9.0kW of Heating


10.3kW of Heating

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  • Brilliant Energy Features
    High energy saving is achieved with all DC compressors, specialist engineering and the e3 TM thermodynamic System pioneered by Fujitsu.


    The ASTG09KMCA e3 model, for example, has achieved a Star Rating of 5.0 for both heating and cooling, and delivers up to 4.92kW of heat for every 1kW of power used.*

    *Please note. The ratio of power used and heat delivered is based on the industry standard for measuring efficiency – call COP. The COP are measured using tests based on the requirements of AS/NZS3823, at defined temperatures. As actual temperature ranges vary across New Zealand, the efficiency ratio can also vary accordingly.

    Human sensor
    Human sensor control

    The human sensor infrared technology senses human presence (and not just movement). So it will switch to saving operation 20 minutes after people leave the room. This will reduce the temperature by a maximum of 4C when in heating mode, until someone returns to the room – when the heat pump will return to the original settings.

    Human sensor’s coverage
    Human presence is detected in the room accurately by pyroelectric infrared sensor, which has a range 6 metres, between 90 degrees vertically and 100 degrees horizontally.

    Power diffuser
    The diffuser operated automatically to match the heating or cooling mode. The result is faster comfort, more efficiently.

    Healthy air filters
    The e3 Series heat pumps have Apple Catechin air-cleaning filters, as well as long-life deodorisation filters. These filters collect fine dust, invisible mould spores, dust mite carcasses and other allergens from the air, resulting in a fresher, healthier environment in your home.

    Fujitsu is
    recommended by
    Asthma New Zealand

    Better control
    This smart, very thin and easy-to-use remote has a large LCD display and a one-touch button.

    Program timers
    The e3 Series gives you 7-day ‘set-andforget’ control, if you wish.
    ON/OFF timer can be set four times per day, so you can set any program to suit your lifestyle.

    Powerful operation
    20 minutes continuous ‘extra power’ boost, to give you rapid heating or cooling whenever you want it.

    Low noise mode for outdoor unit
    The low noise mode for the outdoor unit can be selected with the remote controller

    10°C HEAT operation
    The room temperature can be set to go no lower than 10C, thus ensuring that the room never gets too cold when not occupied

    Economy Operation
    More energy savings can be achieved with this one-touch operation. Lower power consumption is the result of cutting the maximum current

    Sleep timer
    The set temperature is gradually stepped down to match your body’s requirements as you fall asleep, and then is automatically and gradually stepped back up before waking.

    Just quietly
    Brilliant fan technology plus ‘quiet mode’ means noise is never an issue with Fujitsu.. Whether inside or outside.

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