What's behind Fujitsu Heat Pumps?
Compact, Efficient, and Quiet Engineering

Fujitsu General NZ are Heat Pump specialists. We have teams of specialist Heat Pump and Air Conditioning engineers and designers in Japan who spend millions on Research and Development. It’s this specialist engineering and investment that makes our Heat Pumps so compact, efficient and quiet.

Healthy Air Filters

Fujitsu’s advanced Catechin Filters are approved by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ’s Sensitive Choice® programme. Fujitsu is also the only Heat Pump brand recommended by Asthma New Zealand. So you know you’ll be getting the advanced filters you need to reduce the incidence of asthma and allergy triggers in your home. For more information on our Healthy Air Filters please see here: http://www.fujitsugeneral.co.nz/asthma

Professional and effective installations

Fujitsu’s accreditation programme for installers helps ensure that you’ll get the right fit for your unique space. A professional installation is essential for the efficient performance of any Heat Pump. Ask to see their red card!

The reassurance of Fujitsu's Performance Guarantee (even when it's freezing!)

Fujitsu is the only brand that can give you a written guarantee that it will perform in your unique space. The guarantee sets out the details of your home, and details exactly how your new Fujitsu will perform for both heating and cooling. The Performance Guarantee is part of our Comfort Selector®.


Fujitsu has also been independently awarded NZ’s ‘Superbrand’ (as NZ’s trusted iconic Heat Pump brand) for 3 years running.

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