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All for comfort

Smart and cutting edge design
Extensive lineup from 8HP to 48HP in 2HP increments
Connectable indoor unit capacity ratio up to 150%

High efficiency operating system
EER/COP has been significantly improved by unique inverter technology and refrigerant control technology.

Installation flexibility
Total pipe length of 1,000m and 150m actual pipe length. From small to large buildings, any application can be supported.

Compact design
The outdoor unit size has been significantly reduced by optimising of equipment. This allows for a reduction in the required installation area floor space.

User friendly central control
Diverse building air conditioning control functions can be controlled easily by central air conditioning control.
  • Fujitsu Commercial Systems
  • High efficiency operation
    Energy saving technology

    Design versatility
    World’s top class overall piping length of 1,000m allows for application in a wide variety buildings.

    Note: when there is 1 outdoor unit, max is 700m.

    High reliability
    Long life-extending operation

    Outdoor unit rotational operation. The compressor starting order is rotated so that the running time is shared.

    Easy installation
    • Easily transported
    • Easy piping connection
    • Simple signal line connection
    • Easy access
    • Four way piping connection

    Comfort and convenience
    • Quiet operation
    • Auto changeover function
    • Precision refrigerant flow control
    • Individual air conditioning control
    • Non-stop oil recovery operation

    Easy service & maintenance
    • Designed for easy service
    • Emergency stop function
    • Continuous operation during maintenance
    • Trouble diagnosis by Service Tool
    • Four way piping connection
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