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Compact VRF systems that respond to the needs of each building:
Large homes & apartments:
J-Series gives the flexibility to deliver individual air conditioning control for specific rooms, as well as accommodate the differing needs of common areas and individual room spaces in apartment blocks.

Offices and shops:
J-Series provides the flexibility to manage regular upgrades by matching each shop or office, whilst saving energy and operating economically, and be centrally controlled where required.

A range which allows an unlimited combination of indoor and outdoor units
Outdoor units
Indoor units
  • Fujitsu Commercial Systems
  • Controllers

    Central Controller

    Individual Controller

    High performance, economical and comfortable solutions

    Advanced high efficiency technology

    All indoor units are supplied with a remote controller

    Powerful heating
    Heating capacity is improved at low outdoor temperature of our advanced technology

    Long piping length
    Our advanced refrigerant control technology allows us to achieve a total refrigerant piping length of 180m. This opens up new possibilities in system design.

    High EER/COP

    More comfort
    Non-stop oil recovery operation

    A comfortable room condition is maintained during oil recovery mode because the product continues to operate without stopping the cooling or heating operation
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