Energy Recovery
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Energy Recovery Ventilator unit offers maximum comfort and greater energy savings.

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  • Effective heat exchange and simultaneous fresh air ventilation

    High efficiency and low noise levels are achieved using a highly efficient heat exchange process.


    A comfortable air-conditioned environment is achieved by conveniently choosing between heat-exchange ventilation or normal ventilation setting, according the needs of the conditioned area.


    Heat exchange ventilation
    When a room is cooled or heated, the exhausted heating / cooling energy is recovered by heat exchange ventilation.
    Normal ventilation
    This is used during times when the rooms require no heating or cooling. That is, when there is minimal temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor environments.

    High efficiency
    High energy efficiency and ecology.

    Energy consumption is dramatically reduced by using a counter-flow heat-exchange element. Air conditioning / heat pump load is reduced by approximately 20%, resulting in significant energy savings. Recovers up to 77% of the heat in the outgoing air.

    Features of the Heat Exchange Medium
    With the cross-flow element, air moves in a straight line across the element. With the counter-flow element, air flows through the element for a longer time (longer distance), so the heat-exchange effect remains unchanged.

    More comfort
    Quiet operation

    Significantly reducing low pressure loss and noise allows low-noise operation of 32 dB or less on high fan operation.
    Long heat-exchanger service life
    Cleaning reduced due to the special material heat exchanger. The nylon/ polyester fibre filter offers high dust retention capacity.

    Easy installation and maintenance
    Slim shape and easier installation

    The counter-flow heat exchange element is used for reduced noise and slimmer, more compact body shape.

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