Commercial Projects - Energy Recovery Ventilator
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Fujitsu’s Energy recovery Ventilator helps St Peter’s School reduce energy consumption, while retaining its core mission of providing the optimum learning environment.

Project energy savings:

  • 63% saving in electricity
  • $1.2m over 15 years


St Peter’s School Cambridge

St Peter’s School is a leading independent, co-educational secondary school in Cambridge. With over 450 students living onsite, it is one of the largest boarding schools in New Zealand.

To meet reduce energy consumption at the same time as adhering to St Peter’s core mission of providing the ideal learning and living environment for students. This entailed flexible control for heating and cooling, which was also secure, almost silent and extremely cost effective.

The Fujitsu ERV system was the perfect solution for this project. Effective heat exchange and simultaneous achieved the ideal comfortable healthy environment, whilst high efficiency and low noise levels are achieved using a highly efficient heat exchange process. The system also allowed advanced control, enabling students to vary temperatures within specified limits, and with more sophisticated timer, lock and auto-reset functions.

Two of our boarding houses were fitted with Fujitsu ERV systems. The Riddet installation was competed in July and School House in January. From the graphs below it can be seen that August and September illustrate the energy savings as they were in the first months with overlap since the school put in smart meters to accurately measure electricity consumption. The saving in electricity use for Riddet House is 63% and 52% in School House. St Peter’s School was so delighted with the result, they they have since commissioned further VRF and ERV systems for the junior school.

The Fujitsu ERV systems delivered far beyond our expectations. The students are enjoying a healthier, fresher and more comfortable environment, and at the same time the school is enjoying an overall 55% saving in electricity consumption. The irony is that before the Fujitsu installation students complained of being cold at times, but since the installation they have asked for the temperature to be turned down!


FAST FACTSBusiness Type: School
Key Challenges:
  • Limited budget
  • Installation within tight limits (outside of school term)
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Maximum comfort and flexibility
  • Low noise, secure control
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